International Journal of Biological
and Environmental Investigations

( I J B E I )

ISSN : 2583-1690

International Journal of Biological and Environmental Investigations (Intern. J. Biol. Environ. Invest.) is a peer reviewed multidisciplinary open access journal.The manuscripts are published under Open Access Article licensed under a Creative Commons License: Attribution 4.0 International (CC-BY). The publishing schedule is planned for two issues/year i.e. one in June and another in December. International Journal of Biological and Environmental Investigations publishes original research papers as well as review articles in following areas mainly:

Animal Sciences:

Anatomy and Histology; Physiology; Entomology; Cell Biology; Fishery Biology; Endocrinology; Pharmacology; Biochemistry; Neuroscience; Genetics; Reproduction; Developmental Biology; Ecology; Nutrition; Systematics; Animal Behavior; Molecular Biology; Immunology

Plant Sciences:

Structural Biology; Genetics, Physiology; Plant-Microbe Interactions; Molecular Biology; Ecology; Evolution; Cell Biology; Development; Ecophysiology; Mycology; Bioenergy; Morphogenesis; Systems Biology; Plant Biochemistry; Agricultural Botany; Biodiversity and Taxonomy; Ethnobotany; Traditional Knowledge and Medicines

Environmental Sciences:

Aquatic Toxicology; Biomonitoring and Biomarkers; Environmental Biology; Contaminants in Aquatic and Terrestrial Environments and Their Health Effects; Environmental Remediation and Management; Transport and Fate of Pollutants in the Environment; Environmental Chemistry; Environmental Health and Toxicology; Ecological risk assessment; Structure, Function and Mechanism of Agents Toxic to Humans and/or Animals